Kiss on a Frog !

Influenced by groups such as Blowzabella, Djal, Nigel EATON, Chicago Transit Authority, Patrick BOUFFARD, Red Dog Green Dog…

This ensemble of musician performed a tune composed by Jessica Hardy, the flutist and gifted composer in the clip.
The Hurdy Gurdy, “Vielle” in french has always been an instrument that I admired and loved.

And, from the same day :


Musicians :
Philippe RICHOUDEAU – guitare basse
David “Doudou” RICHOUDEAU – guitare folk
Vincent COUETTE – derbouka, cajon
Jessica “Jess” HARDY – flûte traversière, penny whistle, didjeridoo bambou
Lynn COUTY  – Clarinette, saxophone, flûtes
David THOMAS –  Violon, vielle, accordéon diatonique

More about them :