Few voices are as intriguing as Rickie Lee Jones.

I recently found a copy of the 1979 Rolling Stones magazine edition in which she appeared for the first time, a few month after her first appearance in The Blue Valentine Album cover of  T. Waits.I have always been fascinated by the characters appearing in her songs and by the unique jazzy, melancholic, «melodious » atmospheres that she creates with her magical touch and voice…always felt a deep and soulful connection with the spirits that haunt some of her songs : ie “We….Belong together”, “the duchess of coolsville”, “It’s more trouble than its Worth”, “Living it up”, “Chuck E’s in love”…. For some of us, the titles of these songs are enough to ear the melodies and enchantments of her transcendental voice and feel the magic. In 2009, I went to see her perform in Nantes, felt like « A Lucky Guy » to be there, and I recorded that short snap shot video of one of my favourite songs from her legendary album « Pirates ».
I like the fact that she is framed in that shot with the instrument of her musician, and slowly reappears, still framed by the brown intensity of the Electric bass. Later after the show,  I did a fullish thing, a reall real stupid thing, I introduced myself to the musicians and had the honor of visiting a few minutes with the singing star that she is, and I cried a while… I am a lucky guy.

Thank you Mrs Jones for sharing that moment with those who could not attend the concert.If her latest album, “Live in Stockholm”  is not already a part of your musical Library, it’s a mistake you can easily correct : www.rickieleejones.com And of course, if you have not already ordered “Last Chance Texaco“, her Auto biography, it’s a must!  Rickie Lee Jones Offical site 

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