The Ducs : Abdoulaye, the last Senegalese Riflemen of WW1


The last Senegalese Riflemen passed away at 2014 in his african village of Thiowor; the day before he was supposed to be honored by the french government for his contribution to WWI.
The ducs pay him an hommage on this song that retraces the conditions of the Franco-African armed forces during WWI, “the war of the whites”.
More than  600,000 soldiers were forced to enroll and at least  81,000 died on the battle field.
Despite their contribution to the war effort, they received half of  the pension of the white soldiers.




Links to their digital album :

« Abdoulaye »
Les Ducs
2n2o : Chant
Romain “Cz” : Guitare acoustique
Jean-Philippe Rococo : Guitare 12 cordes
Damien Abolivier : Percussions

Produit par Montgorges Phonogrammes et Les Ducs
Auteurs/compositeurs : Les Ducs

Alban –

Prise de vue
Jimmy Leipold –
Alban –

Prise de son
Laurent Vial

Crédits Photos : Dorothée LUBIN
Reportage « Hommage à la Force noire »

Enregistré à la Passerelle 109 – Champoly

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´†T’iras ailleurs†ª jeune Ètalon
Palper de cette matrone le giron
Caresser son poilu visage
Elle offre ses joues au rasage
Pour nourrir sa peau de Colombine
RidÈe telle celui de sa voisine
Frottes-y profond ton Èpiderme
Voici ta graine, donne ton germe
´†T’iras ailleurs†ª o˘ nous Ètalons
Offrandes sous de sÈculaires lampions
SÈrieux au front sans coup fÈrir
Puisqu’un tronc sans cou fait rire
Boire du Verdun le sang des autres
En faire du boudin du leur, du nÙtre
Trinquons †! canons dans l’abus
Si loin la fraÓche douceur de l’eau bue
Sot refrain, Abdoulaye
ChantÈ sur le baillon d’un ´†y’a bon†ª
Combien l’offense du bye-bye
Eut mÈritÈ loi du Talion
´†T’iras ailleurs†ª tourne les talons
Ce jour tu quittes femme et salon
En poche ton bon ferroviaire
Pour ton train-train : seillant sous-verre
La main ouverte, nombre d’Etats l’ont
Brille son revers : nous dÈtalons
Quant aux voyages organisÈs
Faire-part aux points de ta lignÈe

Ce refrain, Abdoulaye
On le chantera aux p’tits plantons
MÈdailles non d’or pour les gnons, mais d’ail
En novembre quand en rang d’oignon
´†Tirailleur, dernier du nom†ª
Tu es nommÈ pour la LÈgion
EpoussetÈ, la veille de revenir
Centenaire tu choisis de mourir
Ce bout d’ferraille, coulant PrÈsident
A une odeur de vieux relent
Toi, railleur, serait-ce pour dire†:
´†T’iras ailleurs pour les souvenirs†ª

Piers Faccini – A home Away From Home

From the album “Two grains of Sand” this song of Piers Faccini was recorded during the printemps de Bourges 2009 in the Palais Jacques Coeur.
For all information and tour dates just click here :

Bonnie Prince Billy

Printemps de Bourges 2009 – Folk USA –

Will Oldham is an American musician, a brilliant poet from Kentucky. His first album appeared in 1993, published by Drag City : “There is no one that will take care of you”, an acoustic country album. Will has been performing under the name of “Palace or “Palace Music”.  He published “I see a darkness” under his real name in 1999, celebrated by Johnny Cash in, Solitary Man, in 2000. Since then he’s been using a pseudo ‘Bonnie Prince Billy’  and has produced numerous albums.
Through his music I discovered the extraordinary harpist, Joanna Newsom. I  had the good fortune to attend one his performances during the 2010 Printemps de Bourges Music Festival, and my expectations were far surpassed after experiencing his live concert. I remember his quote regarding music festivals « they are like a Library with lots of shelves and the musicians are the books sitting on them ». In this badly captured video, he is performing with Susanna Wallumrod his Norwegian musical partner on stage.


Children of Abraham


 Swans Island,  Bob LUCAS sings “Children of Abraham”

Bob Lucas is a fascinating character : a fiddle virtuoso, a banjo picker, a guitar master, a poet, singer, Composer, an art director…
and not only he excels in all these domains…not only he is the kindest soul…but on top of that, he has a magical power, as every soul pirate should have, when your ear his voice, you never forget it.
I am convinced he is not human.
This song “Children of Abraham” resonates ever more as we witness the actual revolutions in the Middle East. It was shot by Jim Whitney in 2007.
If you are discovering Mr Lucas, I invite you to visit his web site :


Senor Holmes, C’est Grave….

I met Harry and Quito 5 years ago at the music festival I attend every year : Le printemps de Bourges. Quito is a hard working musician and Harry an amasing drummer; together they have created 2 wonderful albums that should be in everyone’s musical library. Their music is based on “Gwo Ka”, originaly played by African slaves in Guadaloupe, it is composed of seven distinct rythms. Harry uses 2 of them “Toumblack”, that calls for revolution, and “Kaladja” that can be assimilated to Blues. Hard to describe and incredibly energetic.


Dean Stevens – Old Man in his garden


On the beautiful coast of Maine, Dean Stevens sings “Old Man in his Garden”, a very precious tune. And as Daniel, Jackson and Matice, are listening and waving at us from their young ages, I dream about “when they grow old, they want to stand out in this garden, may they rest assure that the fruit of this is the bounty of this land, may they give more than they take..and I’ll be thinking rain, I’ll be hoping sun, I’ll be dreaming greener gardens when this is my last one, you can see it glowing, slower…”

Dean has a new CD, very, very small edition…find it at, and meet Monsieur Stevens.


And if you want more, Salmon River :


Merci Dean !

Marie Laveau, Voodoo Story

Frederic Park is not only an wonderful story teller, an accomplished musician, and a dance collector, he is also one of the finest and most passionate photographer and an enlightened Human being. This short sequence was shot in Maine one early morning after a canoe ride on the lake. The story of that woman called Marie Laveau, a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo renowned in New Orleans. She was born free in Louisiana and is properly described as a ‘Voodoo priestess’.  Once you have met him Marie Laveau, just like Frederic, you shall never forget the stories. Here is a little bit of his own magic :(More about Mr F. Park there :


“Spirit Dreams”

Herbert Winful and Michele Turner  performing a song composed by Mr Winful.

Herbert Winful is not only a gifted composer, but also a renowned scientist and professor, who has made fundamental contributions to the fields of nonlinear optics and photonics….but more importantly he is a citizen of the world with a kind and gentle heart and he embraces laughter. Michele Turner is a concert violinist who studied at Guildhall Music College in London.

Herbert and Michele performed this piece spontaneously for your ears only. 


Old Time Music, Sweet Chariot Music and Art Festival

In this short clip, meet Andy Woolf leading on Fiddle, The  virtuoso Sam Amidon, The Pirate Bob Lucas on Banjo, Story Teller Frederick Park after he dropped his wash board leading a dance with Georgia Rose Armstrong Park, Chloe Manor and Susannah Armstrong Park, Reuel Parker on mandoline, Nick Appolonio on guitar along with Will brown, Beth Molaro clogging, Dean Stevens on the guitar, and the sweet chariot music Festival crew… 

Rickie Lee Jones, “A Lucky Guy”…


 Few voices are as intriguing as Rickie Lee Jones.

I recently found a copy of the 1979 Rolling Stones magazine edition in which she appeared for the first time, a few month after her first appearance in The Blue Valentine Album cover of  T. Waits.

I have always been fascinated by the characters appearing in her songs and by the unique jazzy, melancholic, «melodious » atmospheres that she creates with her magical touch and voice…always felt a deep and soulful connection with the spirits that haunt some of her songs : ie “We….Belong together”, “the duchess of coolsville”, “It’s more trouble than its Worth”, “Living it up”, “Chuck E’s in love”….For some of us, the titles of these songs are enough to ear the melodies and enchantments of her transcendental voice and feel the magic.

In 2009, I went to see her perform in Nantes, felt like « A Lucky Guy » to be there, and I recorded that short snap shot video of one of my favourite songs from her legendary album « Pirates ».
I like the fact that she is framed in that shot with the instrument of her musician, and slowly reappears, still framed by the brown intensity of the Electric bass.

Later after the show,  I did a fullish thing, a reall real stupid thing, I introduced myself to the musicians and had the honor of visiting a few minutes with the singing star that she is, and I cried a while…
I am a lucky guy.
A beau souvenir.

Thank you Mrs Jones for sharing that moment with those who could not attend the concert.

If her latest album, “Live in Stockholm”  is not already a part of your musical Library, it’s a mistake you can easily correct :

And of course, if you have not already ordered “Last Chance Texaco“, her Auto biography, it’s a must! 

Rickie Lee Jones Offical site