Voyage In Caves…

While filming a documentary “The Sens of Knowledge” in the Bourré Caves, Esprit Voyageur goes on a walkabout and looses himself in a real and yet totally abstract univers : 80 miles of underground caves.
Reality and Fiction are mixed together in a long improvised sequence shot. The Voyageur is looking for a direction. During this voyage, he discovers a lost underground city sculpted in stones and a demon of knowledge during a ceremony… The personages appear without logic nor perspectives, by surprise… A metaphor for the reality of our existences and a to all the roads leading to nowhere that we all walk on.


“Le Petit Oignon” – Dostoyevski

Selected scenes from the Fyodor Dostoyevsky master piece, “The Karamasov Brothers”, Frédéric Constant, a French Director,  adapted this original theatre piece where  Catherine Pietri is purely and simply extraordinaire !

Morceaux choisis….


About Esprit Voyageur

The world of Art is complex and occupies an important place within our society. It is the vocation of the artist to open our minds by allowing us to see, hear, and understand our surroundings, but this role is sometimes taken for granted. The responsibility lies with every individual within a society to use the insight that Art provides and become attuned to the pulse of his or her culture. There are many people in the world who feel within themselves that beautiful drive to create and offer a new perspective, a fresh and exciting angle from which to contemplate life. Some are not as widely known as others, but the significance of their work is not diminished.

For the past 20 years now, as a filmmaker, director, journalist or photographer for various institutions around the world, during my travels, I recorded what I saw and heard, and in these multimedia journals, I always try to see beyond what is visible because a camera gives you the opportunity to get closer, to see what the human eye does not perceive. Over the years, I stocked and archived digital content from all over the world, and when the Internet revolution arised, i thought it our my duty to share some of these productions with the www.

In this web site, you will find artists who have not necessarily achieved great fame, but people admirable for their work dedication and excellence in the Arts, whether it’s music, painting, sculpture, photography, filmaking, poetry, or wine making. Most of the films and photographs fall outside of what might be considered “mainstream,” but each of them reveals a strong story, a very different human being that presents a piece to the vast puzzle of life.

Bon Voyage !


As I am fortunate to continue to travel and work for institutions that help my work,  I would like to thank some of them  for their support :





Dean Stevens – Old Man in his garden


On the beautiful coast of Maine, Dean Stevens sings “Old Man in his Garden”, a very precious tune. And as Daniel, Jackson and Matice, are listening and waving at us from their young ages, I dream about “when they grow old, they want to stand out in this garden, may they rest assure that the fruit of this is the bounty of this land, may they give more than they take..and I’ll be thinking rain, I’ll be hoping sun, I’ll be dreaming greener gardens when this is my last one, you can see it glowing, slower…”

Dean has a new CD, very, very small edition…find it at, and meet Monsieur Stevens.


And if you want more, Salmon River :


Merci Dean !

Marie Laveau, Voodoo Story

Frederic Park is not only an wonderful story teller, an accomplished musician, and a dance collector, he is also one of the finest and most passionate photographer and an enlightened Human being. This short sequence was shot in Maine one early morning after a canoe ride on the lake. The story of that woman called Marie Laveau, a Louisiana Creole practitioner of Voodoo renowned in New Orleans. She was born free in Louisiana and is properly described as a ‘Voodoo priestess’.  Once you have met him Marie Laveau, just like Frederic, you shall never forget the stories. Here is a little bit of his own magic :(More about Mr F. Park there :


Venezia, Grand Canal painting

On my last trip to Venezia, I painted a Video.


Backwards in Bethesda Square, NYC

A short reverse video of one of the greatest park in the world.


Le Clos de la Meslerie, Un Vin d’excellence…

Peter Hahn is a Wine maker from the Loire Valley.
His wine is probably one of the finest nectar of the region  “Le Clos de la Meslerie“.
His secret is simple, he does everything by himself.
By hand. No industrial process whatsoever in the making of his wine.
He carefully selects each grape,
And as you can witness in this short clip, he uses only traditional tools of winemakers including the old wood press and barrels.
His wine has the fine taste of perfection.

A successful project by all means.

Every Year is an exceptional one for this small 4 hectars production that is already winning prices all over the world.
A well kept secret…


Children of Abraham


 Swans Island,  Bob LUCAS sings “Children of Abraham”

Bob Lucas is a fascinating character : a fiddle virtuoso, a banjo picker, a guitar master, a poet, singer, Composer, an art director…
and not only he excels in all these domains…not only he is the kindest soul…but on top of that, he has a magical power, as every soul pirate should have, when your ear his voice, you never forget it.
I am convinced he is not human.
This song “Children of Abraham” resonates ever more as we witness the actual revolutions in the Middle East. It was shot by Jim Whitney in 2007.
If you are discovering Mr Lucas, I invite you to visit his web site :


Bonnie Prince Billy

Printemps de Bourges 2009 – Folk USA –

Will Oldham is an American musician, a brilliant poet from Kentucky. His first album appeared in 1993, published by Drag City : “There is no one that will take care of you”, an acoustic country album. Will has been performing under the name of “Palace or “Palace Music”.  He published “I see a darkness” under his real name in 1999, celebrated by Johnny Cash in, Solitary Man, in 2000. Since then he’s been using a pseudo ‘Bonnie Prince Billy’  and has produced numerous albums.
Through his music I discovered the extraordinary harpist, Joanna Newsom. I  had the good fortune to attend one his performances during the 2010 Printemps de Bourges Music Festival, and my expectations were far surpassed after experiencing his live concert. I remember his quote regarding music festivals « they are like a Library with lots of shelves and the musicians are the books sitting on them ». In this badly captured video, he is performing with Susanna Wallumrod his Norwegian musical partner on stage.