Pamela Moulton – The History’s Seamstress


Pamela Moulton is one of the artistic fairies that can transform anything they touch into a beautiful piece of Art. When you look at her work, it seems natural, evident, so simply put together with time and patience that it immediately becomes a part of you, a piece of your mental imagery.

Her magical eye allows her to see what has become transparent to us as she is gifted with the ability to transform materials that became oblivious to us into pieces of Art, giving  them a second birth.

The result are often spectacular composition of sculptures, paintings or installations that travels around the world, spreading her message across continents.

She directed a show for the International Portland Circus school in May 2014 and choreographed dancers, musicians and costumes in several performances that attracted hundreds of visitors. I took some pictures of her creations and if you scroll down you will can also enjoy a small movie of one of her exhibition in France.

Pamela is an extremely talented sculptor, painter, and poet, see for yourself  :

Copyright Photographies : – Portland Maine. 

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