Forget – Film therapy for dementia Patients and Caregivers

“Remembrance” is a series of 1,000 living tableaux, each lasting 3 minutes, a series of therapeu…

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Seashore Trolley Museum’s 75th birthday

The Seashore Trolley Museum, tucked in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of Kennebunkport vi…

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Diamond Joe
“Diamond Joe” – Chris Westoff & Mad River Theatre

Chris Westoff is an accomplished artist : Musician, actor, and the director of the Mad river theatre…

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Fine Arts

Pamela Moulton – The History’s Seamstress

Pamela Moulton is one of the artistic fairies that can transform anything they touch into a beautifu…

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Voyageur 1608
“Voyageur 1608″ – 200 years of French presence in N. America

From the glacial Winds of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, all the way to the Golf of Mexico, from Terre Neu…

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