Collection A
“Remembrance”- Living Tableaux for Patients and Caregivers

A series of therapeutic and interactive films for people affected by dementia related diseases. “R…

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Manolo Chrétien – “The Instant Painter” portrait of a photographer

Manolo Chrétien is a talented French Photographer. In this 20′ intimate interview, he talks a…

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The Ducs : Abdoulaye, the last Senegalese Riflemen of WW1

The last Senegalese Riflemen passed away at 2014 in his african village of Thiowor; the day before…

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Fine Arts

Ballade Blanche
The White Ballad, legends and interactive Artwalk in Pontlevoy, France

At twilight, in Pontlevoy’s magical Abbey gardens, over 300 spectators gathered to participate…

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Voyageur 1608
“Voyageur 1608″ – 200 years of French presence in N. America

From the glacial Winds of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia , all the way to the Golf of Mexico, from Terre Ne…

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