“Daniel”- D. Johnston tribute


Artiste : Antoine Fraval Soundrack : Daniel johnston – the story of an artist Studio courtesy : Production : Based on the song from “The Story of An Artist” from Daniel Johnston, Antoine Fraval, a French performer and myself decided to mix, in a very simple way,  the prolific world of this iconoclast artist […]

Pamela Moulton – The History’s Seamstress


Pamela Moulton is one of the artistic fairies that can transform anything they touch into a beautiful piece of Art. When you look at her work, it seems natural, evident, so simply put together with time and patience that it immediately becomes a part of you, a piece of your mental imagery. Her magical eye allows […]

The White Ballad, legends and interactive Artwalk in Pontlevoy, France

Ballade Blanche

At twilight, in Pontlevoy’s magical Abbey gardens, over 300 spectators gathered to participate in this artistic procession. A promenade into the past tracing legends,  deambulation through the ancient streets of the village where the spirits of old ghosts were floating amongst the actors, musicians, and dancers for one night, and one night only… The soundtrack […]

Pericardium – Ella and Edo


Meet Ella and Edo in the grounds of the abbaye of Pontlevoy. After a collaboration to create a dance Dreamscene that we shot in the gardens of the abbey of Pontlevoy.

Web Links !


As I peruse the web for professional and personal reasons, I often come accross surprising and sometimes mind blowing web sites, videos or articles. In november, as I was attending a Sacred and profane event on a magical island, lost in a battery steel, I was reminded of the next installation I want to do… […]