Seashore Trolley Museum’s – A voyage in the Past

The Seashore Trolley Museum, tucked in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of Kennebunkport village, was marking its 75th anniversary in 2014 by showcasing its extensive collection of electric trolley cars during a series of special events.

A “Founders Day” celebration on July 5 will feature a narrated trolley parade and, more significantly, the return of the “Golden Chariot” Montreal observation car to the museum’s operating collection.

My Friend Patricia Erikson asked me to help her the story of the restauration of the Narcissus for the Portland Magazine.

Our collaboration was fruitful and fun and Patricia wrote a great article about collaborating with Photographers from that experience.

The place is a photographic heaven and wonder.

Judge from yourself !

Copyright Alban – Esprit Voyageur 2014, Portland Maine. 

Links : Portland Magazine article  & Portland Press Herald

Trolleymus-33 Trolleymus-24 Trolleymus-2 Trolleymus-21
Trolleymus-31 Trolleymus-14   Trolleymus-13 Trolleymus-37 Trolleymus-9 Trolleymus-34 Trolleymus-28 Trolleymus-15 Trolleymus-11 Trolleymus-17 Trolleymus-16 Trolleymus-3 Trolleymus-4 Trolleymus-32 Trolleymus-6 Trolleymus-5 Trolleymus-36 Trolleymus-10 Trolleymus-26