Neil Young Inducts Tom Waits – “Make It Rain” and “Rain Dogs”

 I am aTom Waits fan…So I am happy to relay this short video made during the induction of Mr Waits at the Rock and Roll hall of fame in April 2011. I was fortunate to see Mr Waits in concert a few years ago, in Paris. Astounded at the price I had to pay to get in, the only thing I could afford on my way out, was a little booklet from Tom Waits. Here is a page of it…

Tom Waits (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion); born December 7, 1949).
Tom Waits is a gruff-voiced, big-hearted singer/pianist who is to songwriting what Charles Bukowski is to poetry, Jack Kerouac is to prose and Edward Hopper is to painting. A true original, Waits’ specializes in story-songs about all kinds of beautiful losers: nighthawks, boozers, grifters, drifters, dreamers, con men and other flotsam from the underbelly of American life. A canny street poet, he sings in a gravelly voice shaped early in his career by a predilection for unfiltered cigarettes and strong drinks. He’s given up drinking but the growl remains – sturdy, impassioned, hard-bitten, one-of-a-kind.