Manolo Chrétien – “The Instant Painter” portrait of a photographer

manoloManolo Chrétien is a talented French Photographer.

In this 20′ intimate interview, he talks about his various inspirations as a graphic artist and photographer.
He evokes the influence of his famous father and the aeronautic environment in which he grew up and remains a direct link to his daily life.
Jean-Loup Chrétien was the first French Astronaut and the first west european in Space in 1982.
In his most recent work, Manolo has made extraordinary portraits of Manhatan and defines himself as a « skin photographer »,
always investigating and searching for the right texture where he can project his vision.

As this little interview manifests, Manolo is not only a successful photographer and artist, he comes out as a extremely kind, generous and gregarious character.

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