Piers Faccini first appeared on the music scene in London in 1997, co-founding Charley Marlowe with performance poet Francesca Beard, percussionist Frank Byng and guitarist Luc Suarez; the band split in 2001 when Faccini decided to pursue a solo career. His first solo album Leave no Trace was released in 2004 by French Independent label Label Bleu. His second album was released by Los Angeles label Everloving Records in 2006; Tearing Sky was produced by JP Plunier, and featured Ben Harper, who Faccini would tour with between 2006 and 2008. His third album released by the French independent record label Tot ou Tard in 2009 was co-produced by Faccini and Renaud Letang. His fourth album, My Wilderness, was released in late 2011 on Six Degrees Records. His fifth album, Between Dogs and Wolves (2013) and sixth album, I Dreamed an Island (2016) were released on his own label Beating Drum.

I met him in 2009 during the printemps de Bourges in the Palais Jacques Coeur. He accepted to record a small video with me from his album “Two grains of Sand”, for you to enjoy.
For all information and tour dates just click here : http://www.piersfaccini.com/