The photos by Manolo CHRÉTIEN (1966-) call up to the journey. Their subjects are bound to the wind and the water, and to the unlimitedness on which these elements depend – the sky and the sea – vast areas Manolo CHRETIEN travels armed with his camera. He photographs this world inhabited by reflections. In order to transcribe them, his photos printed on aluminum undergo special treatment, allowing his waves and photos of airplanes to glow. Then the light can interact with the photo and transform the picture depending on its variations. In this intimate interview, he talks to us about his photographic passion for Art, Painting, and about his childhood, flying in the footsteps of his legendary father, Jean Loup Chretien, the first Frenchman and Wester European in Space.

You can see Manolo’s work at the Gallery Gad in Paris. and read his bio here
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