Located where the Touraine, Blésois, and Sologne cross borders, the community of Pontlevoy has approximately 1,600 inhabitants and an area of 5,111 hectaresNestled in the heart of Pontlevoy, our house is one of the most historic homes, dating back to the 14th century. Completely renovated, the house prides itself on it’s unique and welcoming interior design; an artist’s abode… The village is graced by the majestic Abbey and it’s beautiful gardens, not to mention it’s proximity to a number of the Châteaux in our region.


The village is located only 200 kms south of Paris, with easy access by TGV (daily direct trains to Paris and Charles de Gaulle) and numerous trains from neighboring towns (Montrichard, Onzain, Blois, Tours…)We are 25km south of Blois and 40 km from Tours in the heart of the Loire châteaux country. The village itself is quaint and peaceful, tucked into a landscape of gently rolling hills, cultivated fields, and protected forests. Biking and taking long walks is a natural past time. Enjoy the proximity of the chateaux and their local wines (6 of the most famous are located less than 15 minutes away) and discover the quality of life in our picturesque village, unharmed by tourism. For over 1000 years, Pontlevoy and it’s inhabitants have benefited from a micro-climat and the majestic presence of the Abbey whose grounds and gardens include a set of 16 beautiful buildings in the center of the village. There is even a megalith on the outskirts of town.

Pontlevoy also offers a unique community of people. For centuries, students have come to the Abbey. In bygone years the nobility sent their youth to the Abbey for their studies and built prestigious homes. The village is surrounded by noble properties and lovely gardens, stunning countryside. Surrounded by farm lands, all routes seem to lead to Pontlevoy. For over 1000 years, it’s location has offered great biking and hiking paths literally minutes from the village.  The Abbaye has gardens and ponds,which once were a magnificent 17th century military academy,now the home to summer concerts with internationally recognized musicians, a bilingual children’s summer theatre program which will culminate this year in a bilingual outdoor production, and many other cultural happenings.  

The Abbey of Pontlevoy is a place of culture and artists come from all over the world to participate in the Residency program and fall under the charm of our little village.

Pontlevoy and other neighboring villages have large weekly open-air markets with incredibly good local produce and goat cheeses, which are a regional specialty. Fleamarkets are nearly everyweekend…Nearby are ten one- and two-star restaurants. The village and the abbaye are currently working together to welcome artists residencies and exhibit there works throughout the village and in the Abbaye. The ambition is to become the first “Artist community in the Loire Valley”.

A bilingual book about the life of the photographer of the village at the turn of the past century : louis Clergeau. Pontlevoy is probably the only village in the world where the life of it’s people has been documented by a professional photographer for over 60 years. An amazing archive of tableau vivants that Louis Clergeau spent his life documenting. If you are lucky enough to find one on amazon, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Le musée dans la rue à Pontlevoy, created by Patrick Cardon, a Franco-American resident of Pontlevoy : http://www.themuseuminthestreets.com/pontlevoy.htm

The Loire Valley : Pontlevoy is ideally situated for a tour of all the major chateaux.
 Pontlevoy : A recent article by Daphne Angles in the New York Times : http://www.nytimes.com/1987/06/14/travel/protrait-of-a-loire-village.html?pagewanted=1 A place for