What’s Wrong With This ?


This is a 21 minute film, in Full High Definition. These images are extracted from the film.

Sunrise above Casco Bay, on the coast of Maine.
Facing 70° East, titled  “What’s Wrong With This”
The answer to this question relies at 17:18 after the beginning of the film…
Despite the Tar Sand Oil Threat for the coast of Maine and Sebago lake clearwaters, voters have  defeating a waterfront protection ordinance that would have essentially prevented the loading of oil sand crude, also known as tar sands, onto ships at South Portland’s waterfront.
There were 4,453 votes against the ordinance versus 4,261 votes for the ordinance, according to the clerk’s office. 192 votes that made a difference. So 96 (+ 1) people would have been able to change that decision and Maine waters would have been protected from a potential danger.
Sebago Lake is the deepest and second largest lake in Maine and supplies the town of Portland. It is the primary water supply for the Portland Water District. The Tar sandoils are particularly corrosive, volatile and toxic. Having a 63-year-old pipeline linking Portland to Montreal with oil, is an obvious potential hazard and a risk to be taken. Not to mention the constant flow of huge Oil Tankers in the beautiful Casco Bay. The Portland City Council recently passed a resolution saying the city is “concerned” about tar sands oil. The waters of Maine are so clean, and the ocean still unpolluted right now. Let’s hope the future generations will have the same chance that we have. One can only think of Rotterdam or Honk Kong, to illustrate what could happen in the long run, in several generations.
The oil tanker that traverses the screen at 18:09, a few seconds after a flying Loon, is a metaphor for what these Tar Oil tanker will do to us; they will darken the horizon and eventually prevent us from seeing the sunrise…Catastrophe…!!!
Vue Sud Est de Casco Bay – 06:07 AM – 00:00:00



Vue Sud Est de Casco Bay – 06:29 AM




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Portfolio Photography


Miscellaneous selection of photographies 

London Bridge 4 am

Wheat field 55

Istanbul scene 99

Istanbul scene 56

istanbul Monument 42

London Bridge 88

Close up Glove 144

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Promenade 128

Istanbul 44

Forst DS 55

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Sky N°  521

London photo shoot 229

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Istanbul Crossroads


At the Crossroad between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has always fascinated me as a photographer. My last trip in 2005 was an excuse to see the Bosphore again and to film some “Dreamscenes”. here the one shot on Istikal Avenue :

& Here are a few shots of this trip.

All my photos are water marked and copyrighted. For any use, please contact me.


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Atlas Films

For almost 10 years, I had the good fortune to work side by side with one of the greatest news reporter of the XXth Century, Camille Chatelot. Camille Chatelot spent most of his life traveling around the world for as Pathé News from 1946 until 1976. Before he passed away in 2001, at age 92, he was still a fascinating optimist and a believer in mankind.

Together we ran a production company called Atlas Films for 10 years, we distributed Archival footage of worlwide photography and films about Ethnology and under water treasure searches. The last film we worked on was an historical saga, in Aboukir, Egypt, where Atlas Films found the vestiges of the famous battle against the British Navy.

Here is a collection of some of the images and stories we used to talk about and soon, I will put up selected scenes of an interview of Mr Chatelot.

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