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Jim Wilson | God’s Chorus of Crickets | crickets audio recording slowed way down

Tom Waits (on Jim Wilson): “Wilson, he’s always playing with time. I heard a recording recently of crickets slowed way down. It sounds like a choir, it sounds like angel music. Something sparkling, celestial with full harmony and bass parts – you wouldn’t believe it. It’s like a sweeping chorus of heaven, and it’s just slowed down, they didn’t manipulate the tape at all. So I think when Wilson slows people down, it gives you a chance to watch them moving through space. And there’s something to be said for slowing down the world.”

Source: “Woyzeck to run at Freud Playhouse”. Daily Bruin (USA), by Andrew Lee. December 3, 2002
Find more on the recording on this link: www.democraticunderground.com/10023815586

Borrowing journalistic postures they smash formats with humour or with poetry. Playing with oxymoron and manipulating images, they bend and move points of view reclaiming their subjectivity … What are the strategies of these contemporary artists who in gathering up information melt and remap the world? source : http://www.orevo.com/2011/10/05/vimeo-html5-test/

. The Arctic Light by : TSO Photography

Theo Jansen : Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor. He builds large works which resemble skeletons of animals that are able to walk using the wind on the beaches of the Netherlands. His animated works are a fusion of art andengineering; in a car company television commercial Jansen says: “The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.” He strives at equipping his creations with their own intelligence to manage avoiding obstacles, by changing their course when one is detected, such as the sea itself.

YouTube Preview Image

. Women…. :

The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society.

. Evolution :  Hans Rosling’s 200 countries, 200 years, 4 minutes – The joy of Stats – BBC four

YouTube Preview Image


. Rutt-Etra-Izer: l’art vidéo en application web


. Battleship Island – Japan’s Rotting Metropolis

. Edouard Salier – 3D Clip Director

He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died

. BDM pour le magazine du bout du monde : http://www.boutsdumonde.com/

YouTube Preview Image

. http://www.europeana.eu/portal/

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Dean Stevens – Old Man in his garden


On the beautiful coast of Maine, Dean Stevens sings “Old Man in his Garden”, a very precious tune. And as Daniel, Jackson and Matice, are listening and waving at us from their young ages, I dream about “when they grow old, they want to stand out in this garden, may they rest assure that the fruit of this is the bounty of this land, may they give more than they take..and I’ll be thinking rain, I’ll be hoping sun, I’ll be dreaming greener gardens when this is my last one, you can see it glowing, slower…”

Dean has a new CD, very, very small edition…find it at http://www.deanstevens.com, and meet Monsieur Stevens.

YouTube Preview Image

And if you want more, Salmon River :

YouTube Preview Image

Merci Dean !

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“Spirit Dreams”

Herbert Winful and Michele Turner  performing a song composed by Mr Winful.

Herbert Winful is not only a gifted composer, but also a renowned scientist and professor, who has made fundamental contributions to the fields of nonlinear optics and photonics….but more importantly he is a citizen of the world with a kind and gentle heart and he embraces laughter. Michele Turner is a concert violinist who studied at Guildhall Music College in London.

Herbert and Michele performed this piece spontaneously for your ears only. 

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Zydeco & the Ardouins

 Discovering Zydeco music is an important moment in everyone’s life. Thanks to Sean, Chris and the warmth of the Ardoin family of Lake Charles, Louisiana, I started investigating the roots of zydeco music, then Creole music.

Amédé and “Bois Sec” Ardoin were pioneers of that music, and as a fan of folkloric music, traditional instruments and performers that come from families of musicians, my fascination with this family grew.They carry the voice, the music and the message of their roots.

Chris Ardoin has used his talent to mix zydeco with rhythm and blues, reggae and hip-hop. He is now the rising star of this new genre of music. If you go down to Louisiana, track him and his band.

YouTube Preview Image


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“Daniel”- D. Johnston tribute

Artiste : Antoine Fraval
Soundrack : Daniel johnston – the story of an artist
Studio courtesy : pamelamoulton.com
Production : www.espritvoyageur.net

Based on the song from “The Story of An Artist” from Daniel Johnston, Antoine Fraval, a French performer and myself decided to mix, in a very simple way,  the prolific world of this iconoclast artist with his peers, and make his words resonate with the fragility and poetry that he inspired us. Body and paper translate literally, or not, in French, certains of his assumptions with a sense of humor. Notice the presence in the background of Serge Gainsbourg, and of course the allusion to Bob Dylan’s first musical video that revolutionized at the time the music industry.A minimal choreography, and the poetry of Master Johnston, through the work of Antoine and his interdisciplinary approach of Art.

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“Diamond Joe” – Chris Westoff & Mad River Theatre



Chris Westoff is an accomplished artist : Musician, actor, and the director of the Mad river theatre in Ohio, with Mr Bob Lucas.
In this stollen little video, Chris performs “Diamond Joe”, based on the recording of John A. Lomax of Charlie Butler in Parchman, Mississippi, 8 March 1937.
Recorded in Boston, February 2014

YouTube Preview Image

2014 : Mad river Theatre play about Jackie Robinson 

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“The Spring of Bourges” – Music Festival review

festival_bourge2014The 2014 edition of the worldly acclaimed music festival “Printemps de Bourges” (“Spring time in Bourges”) was for this 38 edition of the event a very unique “pot pourrie” of musical venues.

I could only attend for 48 hours of the music extravaganza but what I heard and witnessed was, once again, beyond my expectations. 

The Printemps de Bourges has always been the world laboratory for the discovery of new talent.
It is hosted in the town of Bourges, located in central France, and the festival is probably one of the top 5 musical event in Europe for the festival goers and and the industry. From fresh New talents to prestigious world renown block busters of the music scene, Labels, booking agents, managers and music aficionados all gather for an entire week and the city transform itself into a Meca of sound and melodies for the enchantment of its goers and of the people of the town. 

Born in Bourges, I have attended 29 festival up to now, never missed the incredible chance to discover music at its glance and to discover the new trends in music. I have seen the festival transformed itself, following the moving and ever changing rhythms of time and melodious music scene.

Attending Bourges’s Printemps as a journalist means a lot of walking, a lot of listening, a lot of emotions and discoveries.
I enjoy walking through the banks of the Auron, the river that traverse the medieval city to attend the various places where the festival takes hold and mingle with the crowd. The “Printemps”, as it is refered by everyone,  is the largest indoor venue on the European music scene.  It takes place all over the beautiful town of Bourges  in various locations  : this year they inaugurated a renovated “W” scene which every night welcomes 6000 “festivaliers” (the French word for people attending the festival), the Palais d’Auron, the city’s musical biggest concert hall, the “22” a smallest venue for upcoming artists, the Auditorium, the prestigious Palace of Jacques Coeur, the 1000 year old Cathedral (Patty Smith Performance in 2013 in the Cathedral was one of the most memorable event of that year)…And the off festival in the 50 bars in the town that for a week welcome the French music scene and transforms the entire town into a musical heaven.

The blockbuster and young prodigy Stromae opened the show this year with a spectacle of lights, Rythm and entertainment that electrified its public. The Belgium young raising star was followed by a series of well known musical blockbusters, ie Shaka Ponk, Skip the Use, that gathered the Electro-Rock public. If ou want to get a taste of this year’s selection of artists, I  invite you to discover Biffy Clyro, a Scottish formation of electronic musicians, Simon Neil, Bisou BisouOlympia Fields, tha Arctic Monkeys, Christine and the queens, Week end Affair, the young Reggae man  Naâman, and Cats on Trees.

My 3 favorite 2014 “coup de coeur”
. Benjamin Clementine,  an english musician, poet, and pianist who gave and outstanding performance  in the historical Palace Jacques Coeur.
. The Tindersticks, the english Indie-Rock formation led by Stuart Stapples, performed in the Cathedral
. The “les ogres de Barback“, a French brotherhood of 4 brothers and sisters that came to bourges this year with an African Fanfare EyoN’lé.

Emerging artists and new electric scene form an incredible combination that appeals top the wide public of the festival. It’s genra is spectacular, the variety of its attendance in age, social profile, music taste is, to my knowledge, unique in the world and it’s always a wonder and a surprise to arrive, after reading the little interactive app presentation of the musician, to discover new voices, new rhythms, new sounds and to witness the energy of the young public attending the event.

I was in Bourges for a little more than 48 hours this year, I did not sleep much and attended as many concerts as I could. I feel privileged and extremely lucky to be covering the festival alone as it gives me total freedom to move, search and discover emerging artists and new sounds. 

Some facts about the Festival

. 500 concerts in  6 days
. 240,000 people attending (it triple the population of the town)
. 90 % of the concerts are full
. 380 Journalists from all over the world.
. The Festival team is over 1,000.

Links to follow up to learn, see and hear more

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Printemps-de-Bourges
Twitter : https://twitter.com/PrintempsDB
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDj2e7MeXRYgGtNL9sPT5g
Instagram : https://instagram.com/leprintempsdebourges/

The 2014 program and the portfolio of posters


PB2014--1 PB2014--2

PB2014--3 PB2014--4 PB2014--5 PB2014--6 PB2014--7 PB2014--8 PB2014--9 PB2014--10 PB2014--11 PB2014--12 PB2014--13 PB2014--14 PB2014--15 PB2014--16 PB2014--17 PB2014--18 PB2014--19 PB2014--20 PB2014--21 PB2014--22 PB2014--23 PB2014--24 PB2014--25 PB2014--26 PB2014--27 PB2014--28 PB2014--29 PB2014--30 PB2014--31 PB2014--32 PB2014--33 PB2014--34 PB2014--35 PB2014--36 PB2014--37 PB2014--38 PB2014--39 PB2014--40 PB2014--41 PB2014--42 PB2014--43 PB2014--44 PB2014--45 PB2014--46 PB2014--47 PB2014--48 PB2014--49 PB2014--50 PB2014--51 PB2014--52 PB2014--53 PB2014--54 PB2014--55

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The Ducs : Abdoulaye, the last Senegalese Riflemen of WW1

The last Senegalese Riflemen passed away at 2014 in his african village of Thiowor; the day before he was supposed to be honored by the french government for his contribution to WWI.
The ducs pay him an hommage on this song that retraces the conditions of the Franco-African armed forces during WWI, “the war of the whites”.
More than  600,000 soldiers were forced to enroll and at least  81,000 died on the battle field.
Despite their contribution to the war effort, they received half of  the pension of the white soldiers.


Links to their digital album :  http://lesducs.bandcamp.com/album/anita

« Abdoulaye »
Les Ducs
2n2o : Chant
Romain “Cz” : Guitare acoustique
Jean-Philippe Rococo : Guitare 12 cordes
Damien Abolivier : Percussions

Produit par Montgorges Phonogrammes et Les Ducs
Auteurs/compositeurs : Les Ducs

Alban – www.espritvoyageur.net

Prise de vue
Jimmy Leipold – www.jimleipold.fr
Alban – www.espritvoyageur.net

Prise de son
Laurent Vial

Crédits Photos : Dorothée LUBIN
Reportage « Hommage à la Force noire »

Enregistré à la Passerelle 109 – Champoly

Retrouvez les Ducs sur


´†T’iras ailleurs†ª jeune Ètalon
Palper de cette matrone le giron
Caresser son poilu visage
Elle offre ses joues au rasage
Pour nourrir sa peau de Colombine
RidÈe telle celui de sa voisine
Frottes-y profond ton Èpiderme
Voici ta graine, donne ton germe
´†T’iras ailleurs†ª o˘ nous Ètalons
Offrandes sous de sÈculaires lampions
SÈrieux au front sans coup fÈrir
Puisqu’un tronc sans cou fait rire
Boire du Verdun le sang des autres
En faire du boudin du leur, du nÙtre
Trinquons †! canons dans l’abus
Si loin la fraÓche douceur de l’eau bue
Sot refrain, Abdoulaye
ChantÈ sur le baillon d’un ´†y’a bon†ª
Combien l’offense du bye-bye
Eut mÈritÈ loi du Talion
´†T’iras ailleurs†ª tourne les talons
Ce jour tu quittes femme et salon
En poche ton bon ferroviaire
Pour ton train-train : seillant sous-verre
La main ouverte, nombre d’Etats l’ont
Brille son revers : nous dÈtalons
Quant aux voyages organisÈs
Faire-part aux points de ta lignÈe

Ce refrain, Abdoulaye
On le chantera aux p’tits plantons
MÈdailles non d’or pour les gnons, mais d’ail
En novembre quand en rang d’oignon
´†Tirailleur, dernier du nom†ª
Tu es nommÈ pour la LÈgion
EpoussetÈ, la veille de revenir
Centenaire tu choisis de mourir
Ce bout d’ferraille, coulant PrÈsident
A une odeur de vieux relent
Toi, railleur, serait-ce pour dire†:
´†T’iras ailleurs pour les souvenirs†ª

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Old Time Music, Sweet Chariot Music and Art Festival

In this short clip, meet the most incredible Andy Woolf leading on Fiddle, The Young virtuoso Sam Amidon, The Pirate Bob Lucas on Banjo, Story Teller Frederick Park after he dropped his wash board lead a dance with Georgia Rose Armstrong Park, Chloe Manor and Susannah Armstrong Park, Reuel Parker on mandoline, Nick Appolonio on guitar along with Will brown, Beth Molaro clogging, Dean Stevens on the guitar, and the sweet chariot crew…A Surreal experience I hesitated to share for a long time, it’s been almost 15 years now…And we are old friends. 50,000 views on Youtube…let’s keep it secret…

YouTube Preview Image
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Moira Smiley & Voco

Voco 2011 (from Left to right : Pilar Díaz, Moira Smiley & April Guthrie)

Moira smiley & VOCO is a visionary blend of voices – redefining harmony singing with the power & physicality of folksong, the avant-garde fearlessness of Béla Bartók and the delicious, vaudevillian accompaniment of cello, banjo, accordion and body percussion. Moira Smiley leads an ensemble of extraordinary musicians who share a passion for spreading powerful, emotional music with lush four-part vocal harmony, cello, accordion and banjo. Original improvisation-built songs steeped in Appalachia and Eastern Europe. Named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007, VOCO is the energy of street singing and the elegance of a string quartet. Recently featured in Dirty Linen and on more than 100 radio stations nationwide on NPR’s “Harmonia”, VOCO has released two critically acclaimed CDs in ’08-’09: “Small Worlds” and “Circle, Square, Diamond & Flag”. VOCO is sweet, hard-driving Americana mixed with crooked eastern European dance and dissonance. It’s all rounded out with body-stompin’ percussive movement and joyous, magnificent, hair-raising harmonies – music that mourns and dances at the same time. (more about Moira and voco here : http://www.moirasmiley.com/VOCO_main.html)

This song is extract from her last album. And this beautiful video clip made by Peter Hastings. Bravo !

YouTube Preview Image

You can sing with her if you visit her web site there :

And become the next co producer of her next almbum ! How ?  Watch this  : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAN-pFXUUXA

More on : http://www.moirasmiley.com


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