Voyage In Caves…

While filming a documentary “The Sens of Knowledge” in the Bourré Caves, Esprit Voyageur goes on a walkabout and looses himself in a real and yet totally abstract univers : 80 miles of underground caves.
Reality and Fiction are mixed together in a long improvised sequence shot. The Voyageur is looking for a direction. During this voyage, he discovers a lost underground city sculpted in stones and a demon of knowledge during a ceremony… The personages appear without logic nor perspectives, by surprise… A metaphor for the reality of our existences and a to all the roads leading to nowhere that we all walk on.
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“Le Petit Oignon” – Dostoyevski

Selected scenes from the Fyodor Dostoyevsky master piece, “The Karamasov Brothers”, Frédéric Constant, a French Director,  adapted this original theatre piece where  Catherine Pietri is purely and simply extraordinaire !

Morceaux choisis….

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Atlas Films

For almost 10 years, I had the good fortune to work side by side with one of the greatest news reporter of the XXth Century, Camille Chatelot. Camille Chatelot spent most of his life traveling around the world for as Pathé News from 1946 until 1976. Before he passed away in 2001, at age 92, he was still a fascinating optimist and a believer in mankind.

Together we ran a production company called Atlas Films for 10 years, we distributed Archival footage of worlwide photography and films about Ethnology and under water treasure searches. The last film we worked on was an historical saga, in Aboukir, Egypt, where Atlas Films found the vestiges of the famous battle against the British Navy.

Here is a collection of some of the images and stories we used to talk about and soon, I will put up selected scenes of an interview of Mr Chatelot.

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